Women2020 Promotes Female Entrepreneurship

Female EntrpreneurOn 20 February 2013, Women2020.org will contribute to a 3-day event on Women Entrepreneurship being held at the European Parliament, that aims to “boost entrepreneurial culture and make entrepreneurship an attractive, sound business option for women.”

According to Seldia, event organizers, women constitute only 34.4 percent of self-employed in the EU and their share in start-ups remains at around 30 percent.  Recognizing the need to tackle the barriers women face in becoming entrepreneurs — including education, lack of networks, lack of government initiatives, need for innovative ideas and access to finance — two Members of European Parliament, Mrs. Malgorzata Handzlik and Mrs. Lidia Geringer de Oedenberg, are supporting this initiative to promote female entrepreneurship in the EU.

Women2020.org will contribute to the “Women Entrepreneurship – Five Pillars for Growth” event as part of its mission to promote the contribution of women to the Europe2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Cheryl MillerZen Digital Europe CEO and founder of  Women2020, will speak at a panel luncheon on the critical role of women-led enterprises, female entrepreneurship, social enterprise and STE(A)M* skills.  DigitalMuse.org, sister-initiative of Women2020.org, will also run a half-day workshop on 3D Design & Printing that will promote real STE(A)M skills and entrepreneurship to young women and give them the opportunity to share their own experience with entrpreneurship in the context of the wider event.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, *Art* & Mathematics