Women2020 Series 2013-2014

Women2020 Series 2013-2014

cropped-women2020.jpgFrom 8 March 2013 to 6 March 2014, the Women2020 partnership, lead by the Digital Leadership Institute (formerly Zen Digital Europe), carried out a series of high-level gatherings between European business and policy leaders addressing topics related to women’s contribution to achieving the Europe 2020 vision.  The following is the Women2020 Series 2013-2014 Calendar, including participants, reports, photos, partners and sponsors:

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Event #1:  Women for Smart, Sustainable & Inclusive GrowthPromoting the Contribution of Women to Achieving the Europe2020 Vision – 8 March 12:00-14:00 at DIGITALEUROPE, Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Report & Photos

Female Board Pool Belgium Launch: As part of the Women2020 launch on 8 March 2013, Female Board Pool Belgium will open nominations for inclusion in the Female Board Pool Belgium database of “qualified women for Europe’s boardrooms.”

Logo digitaleurope smallEvent #2:  Women in STEM for Smart Growth:  Promoting Women’s Education, Jobs and Leadership in STEM Sectors in Europe – 25 April 8:00-10:30 at DIGITALEUROPE, Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Report & Photos

Google for EntrepreneursEvent #3:  Women in Enterprise for Sustainable GrowthPromoting Women-led Innovation and Enterprise, and Women Entrepreneurs in Europe – 15 May 8:00-10:30 at Google, Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Report & Photos

GSMA_logoEvent #4:  Women in Leadership for Inclusive GrowthPromoting Women in Public and Private Sector Leadership – 14 November 8:00-10:30 at GSMA, Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Coverage & Photos

Event #5:  Young Women for Europe 2020Promoting Young Women for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Europe – 17 December 18:00-20:30 at Zen Digital, Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Coverage & Photos

https://www.digitaleurope.orgEvent #6:  Release Event for the Women2020 Action Plan6 March 2014, 18:00-20:30 at DIGITALEUROPE Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Report & Coverage

On 6 March 2014, in celebration of International Women’s Day, a Women2020 Action Plan was released on the basis of the Women2020 dialogues in collaboration with our media partners, Business Incubator Magazine and New Europe.

Partners & Sponsors:  The Women2020 platform is made possible by the generous contribution of our partners and sponsors.


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